Praktijk Lichaamsgerichte Therapie


Body-oriented massage

60 min – €50
90 min – €75

Body-oriented psychotherapy

Intake session 90 min – €75
Therapy session of 90 min – €75

Letters of referral €10

Andullation therapy (pain management)

15 min – €17,50
30 min – €35

Special offers

Gift cards €60 for a 90 min body-oriented massage

Cancellation policy

In case of a cancellation of an appointment: A cancellation longer than 24 hours before the appointment by phone or leaving a voicemail will be free of charge. A cancellation within 24 hours of the appointment will be considered as an appointment and will be charged as a full appointment.


An appointment must be paid at the end of each session  in cash or by bank transfer (including when the session will be reimbursed by healthcare insurance) . 

It is NOT possible to pay by card.

Consultations will be completely or partially reimbursed by most of the Healthcare providers.

For more information about the reimbursement policies: Overview of Health Care Insurances