Praktijk Lichaamsgerichte Therapie

Coaching is intended for anyone who would like create change in his or her life and is ready to take action. Coaching is goal oriented. It concerns the question: ‘where would I like to go, what would I like to accomplish and what must I change to get there’.

People who want to change something in their lives often determine what they want to change themselves. Coaching offers a partnership and support that is generally not present in day to day life. By making appointments for coaching sessions we agree to focus on what you really want and how that can be accomplished. During the coaching session I am able to suggest clarifying questions which can deepen your experience and provide challenging feedback to remind you of your goals and values, and to make suggestions on what steps you can take in moving forward. The result is that your changes and goals can be accomplished in ways you never dreamed possible.

When is coaching helpful?

Through coaching you are able to acquire new skills and attitudes which are asked of you in your work and which you wish to challenge. For example:

  • You have acquired a new position at work and you want to be fully present in that role
  • You are dissatisfied with some areas of your life and are looking for new direction
  • You want to make the transition to a better working environment for you
  • You want more meaning in your life
  • You long for inner peace
  • You want to balance your work, family and personal time
  • You want to feel fully alive, fulfilled and inspired
  • You wonder what you life will look like once you’ve made the changes you want
  • You ask yourself what you life will be like when you retire and how you will give it direction

How long does the coaching process take?

Most coaching processes last between 3 months and 1 year

How does it work?

You are coached both in face-to-face sessions and by telephone or Skype (if necessary). A coaching process begins with a discovery session in which your vision and goals are clarified and deepened with the focus on your core values. These are the anchor points in the coaching process.

During the following sessions, coach and client look at what has been learned and questions or observations are clarified by means of coaching questions or questions that arise in the ‘now’. Finally, coach and client discuss the outcomes with the view to gaining greater insight. The goals you wish to achieve are explored, as well as any limiting beliefs in order to create a fertile ground for self discovery. This is not merely a mental process: it is mostly intuitive, associative, and experiential work. Finally, actions are taken in accordance with the insights and intentions discussed.

In each session the client is re-awakened. The real ‘work’ you do for yourself in between sessions. It is the role of the coach to remind you of what you really want and focus you on your determination to say ‘yes!’ to your goals. E-mail contact is a part of the process.


Rates depend on income and objectives identified for coaching. The following rates give some indication of the costs involved:

Individual rate              €60 per session
Corporate rate              €90 per session

Coaching is NOT covered by health insurance. However, the costs of coaching can be deducted (in part) by your company or if you are self-employed.