Praktijk Lichaamsgerichte Therapie

Trauma Release

What is TRE?

TRE stands for Tension Release Exercises. Already well-known internationally, this form of trauma therapy is relatively new in the Netherlands. TRE is a self-help method to let go of deep (chronic) tension and daily stress, possibly sustained by traumatic experiences. TRE results in much more inner peace and calm. You will experience more lightness and a sense of space in your body. Do you want more rest, fun, energy and resilience in your life? Do you experience stress or tension? Are your emotions (sometimes) in the way? Do you suffer from headaches, tension in your back, neck, and shoulders, etc.? Do you have the idea that ‘talking about it’ doesn’t really help?

If your answer to any one of these questions is ‘yes’ then Trauma Release may be an interesting and useful option for you.

Advantages of TRE     

  • An effective self-help method   
  • You don’t have to talk about your problems
  • No re-experiencing of traumatic events
  • Easy to apply – anyone can do it!
  • Positive changes are quickly noticeable

Can you relate to this?

In everyday life we ​​all experience forms of stress, anxiety, anger and fear. This self-help method (based on physical exercises) is particularly effective for processing and resolving muscle tensions, (chronic) stress and unprocessed emotions. The method is also very effective in correcting the physical and psychological consequences of traumatic events. We help the body to return to a natural relaxed posture. TRE can also solve light, as well as deep or chronic, stress. The TRE exercises are specially designed to discharge (deep) muscle tensions caused by shock, stress, anxiety or trauma. With these exercises we help our natural mechanisms to ‘remember’ how to solve these tensions.

The effect of TRE

TRE has proven itself in recent years and is effective in the following areas, amongst others:     

  • a better night’s sleep
  • more peace, fun, energy and resilience
  • less (work) stress, fewer conflicts
  • worry less
  • loosen and free from oppressive emotions and events
  • reduce and remedy fears and phobias
  • remedy burnout symptoms and excessive fatigue
  • relieves migraines
  • reduced back, shoulder and neck complaints
  • more open to new things, open-mindedness
  • reduces symptoms of PTSD

For whom?

This type of therapy is suitable for people of all ages:     

  • Do you need support in difficult periods at work, in your home situation, or in the case of illness or the consequences of illness?
  • Do you have physical symptoms that appear to have no apparent cause (for example, back, neck, shoulder pain and headaches)?
  • Do you have symptoms of stress and want to learn how to deal with them better?
  • Do you feel that talking about problems does not help and therefore want to come into contact with your own feelings and emotions?
  • Are you looking for meaning in life?