Praktijk Lichaamsgerichte Therapie

Biodynamic or body-oriented massage and psychotherapy is an independent, stand-alone form of therapy, but can also function very well as excellent complementary health care to mainstream medical and mental health care providers. In many cases, cooperation or consultation with the referring physician is needed. There are health care providers who reimburse the client for therapy, but often they only reimburse the client in part. Compensation can also be provided by the client’s employer or by social services. This differs per person and per region. It is worthwhile staying in touch with the relevant authorities to stay informed.

As general practitioners or occupational practitioners you will find yourself increasingly dealing with clients who suffer from symptoms and complaints that have a psychological or psychosomatic origin. Your patients can obtain specialized help tailor made for the individual from a biodynamic therapist fast.

Problems, symptoms and complaints that can be addressed effectively by body-oriented massage and therapy:

Stress and tension
Trauma (PTSD)
Mood disorders
Lack of energy (without apparent medical cause)
Overloaded and difficult emotions
Eating problems or disorders
Support for people with life-threatening illness
Sexual problems or issues regarding sexual identity
Assistance and empowerment of women
Domestic violence
Relationship problems

Work-related problems include:

Feeling overworked
Feeling stressed and tense
Conflict in the work place with colleagues or customers/clients

The Practice for massage & well being is distinguished by the following:

  • Personal, individual attention
  • Client is in therapy with one practitioner
  • If required: close collaboration with therapists such as physiotherapists or other medical professionals
  • Specialized and effective treatment for various complaints with lasting results
  • Short-term solution orientation

If you have further questions please make contact with the therapist.