Praktijk Lichaamsgerichte Therapie

Which symptoms and problems can be addressed by therapy?

Body-oriented therapy has an effect on the following problems and issues:

  • having trouble feelings and expressing emotions
  • depression and feeling ‘down’
  • stress and burn-out
  • mourning
  • processing trauma and childhood pain
  • psychosomatic complaints or unexplainable physical symptoms and problems
  • difficulty putting thoughts, feelings and emotions into words

If you are considering therapy, perhaps you can recognize one or more of the following issues:

  • Work

    You may feel that you are stuck in your work. You may not be happy at work and not feel motivated. The accumulating stress gets worse and worse and it is increasingly difficult to have fun in the office or at work. You start to fend off colleagues and withdraw more and more. You aren’t happy at work. 

  •  Grief and mourning

    You have difficulty processing and dealing with a major life event. Some dear to you is lost and you are mourning or you are struggling with another loss such as work or health. For example, you lose your job or are given a life threatening diagnosis, such as ‘cancer’. Your life is suddenly feels upside down and completely hopeless.

  • Trauma

    You were or are being abused – physically or sexually. You feel unable to process these things on your own. It is painful and you may also feel shame and anger.

  • Energy

    Your energy is low and you don’t enjoy the simple everyday things. Suddenly you notice that things feel heavy. You don’t sing or whistle anymore. You look down at the ground and no longer see the clouds. In the mirror you see someone who has lost his or her gaiety and who does not take on new things. 

  • Relationship

    Your relationship is at a low level. You don’t really talk to one another anymore. You argue more and more and for no real reason. You find it difficult to ask your partner to do something nice. You do not make love anymore, or just because you think you must but it is not enjoyable.

  • Meaning

    You have the idea that there is more to life. Except you don’t know what or how. You have difficulty communicating with others and expressing your feelings. Sometimes you feel trapped in yourself and alone.

  • Physical complaints and problems

    Your body begins to indicate that you are stuck. You often suffer from headaches or stomach problems; muscles seem cramped; your neck and shoulders are tense and bent. Small and larger complaints about your body and your health are more common.