Praktijk Lichaamsgerichte Therapie

Biodynamisc massage – or Body-oriented therapy – is therapy that is focused on the body, mind and soul of the client. This form of massage is based on the biodynamic psychology of the Norwegian psychologist and physiotherapist, Gerda Boyesen.

Within biodynamic therapy various methods are applied, including massage therapy and psychotherapy. Biodynamic therapy usually focuses on massage as a point of departure.

There are many forms of body-oriented massages. Body-oriented massage achieves the following aims:

  • Relaxation
  • Experience of deep rest and connection between body and mind
  • Balanced circulation of life force and energy
  • Building muscle
  • Stimulation of blood circulation
  • Activation of energy in the body
  • On an emotional level, a feeling of happiness and space for feeling emotions
  • Activation of the nervous system and internal communication system so that you can think, imagine and remember better
  • Unfolding of  personal characteristic, qualities and potential
  • Flow in life energy
  • Removal of energy blockages such as muscle tension, fluid pressure, blockages in breathing and armoring in the digestive system

Massage for relaxation

Massage is an ancient and well known and loved method to deal with pain and to relax stressed muscles. Massage has a positive effect both bodily as well as emotional and psychological.

Massage for relaxation stimulates circulation, removes waste and improves metabolic functioning. A massage can strengthen and prolong relaxation. After a massage, you feel better and more assertive. In addition, you get to know your body and your body will recover faster from stress and exhaustion.

Relaxation massage has both a physical as well as an emotional effect focused on relaxation, vitality and supports pain relief. Above all, a massage provides a soothing feeling and your state of mind will take a turn for the better. Your self-understanding is increased and you will be more self aware.

Massage for relaxation has a positive effect on the development of your inner peace and the general health of your body.

The attention paid to the vital function of the digestive system – known as ‘psycho peristalsis’ – is a key characteristic of biodynamic psychology and is concerned with the findings and methods of Gerda Boyesen.